Long-term Residential Care

Service Target

For individuals with chronic illness or diminished mobility requiring nursing and medical attention, partial or total assistance in activities of daily living

Service Features
  • A professional healthcare team led by a resident medical doctor and nurses providing 24 hours holistic care to all residents. Resident doctor conduct round once a week to carry out necessary treatment and control symptoms. Doctor rounds once a week to provide appropriate symptom control and treatment for residents.
  • Nurses provide appropriate care according to the needs of individual resident, including: intravenous injection and infusion, drug administration, wound care, tube feeding, oxygen therapy, suctioning, tracheostomy & stoma care, etc.
  • Onsite Chinese medicine services provide general and specialist Chinese medicine consultation and treatment, as well as prescription and decoction of Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Tui na, Moxibustion, “Tian Jiu (天灸)” therapy, etc.
  • Physiotherapists provide necessary chest physiotherapy, different forms of rehabilitation training exercises, etc.
  • Spiritual workers visit residents and their family members to provide counselling and emotional support.
  • Social workers lead a team of volunteers to arrange daily recreational activities.

Monthly charges on accommodation and nursing care packages. The charges include doctor ward round once a week, general nursing care, meals, and recreational activities.

Itemized charges apply according to individual resident‘s needs, such as special nursing care, physiotherapy, Chinese Medicine service, medical consumables, etc.

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Room Facilities
  • All rooms with air-conditioning, ensuite toilet and shower, refrigerator
  • Individual TV panel (with Now TV channels)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Single rooms are specially equipped with a mini safe, telephone and folding bed for overnight accompanying persons with daily/monthly charge

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